Adult Classes
An adult is anyone who is 18years of age or older. Adults may take private individual lessons. We come right to your home to pick you up. The lessons are 45minutes long and there is a two lesson minimum; so you will drive for an hour and a half. $36 for 45 minute lesson/$72 for 2 lessons We also offer an eight lesson package for adults. This is a 6 hour course that covers the essential requirements needed to drive a car. You will receive lessons in stopping, turning, changing lanes and parking. More importantly you will be instructed in paying attention and decision making while driving a car in an urban environment. We have serviced the Chicago land metropolitan area for over 30years. Our package is $280 and payment plans are available You may also use our cars to take a driving test. We offer a three hour road test that helps you get a driver's license. Call for additional info!

We provide promotional specials from time to time and over discounts to returning students and group enrollment! Call for more info.



Class Downloads

Practice Permit Test download
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